Best Video/Animation Export Settings for Navisworks/Revit


Select Format as Windows AVI.

Click on “Options…” tab in Output section

Export Setting

Video Compression

In Output format Options Button do following changes.

  • Select Compressor Microsoft Video 1
  • Set Compression Quality between (75-100) 75 is Optimal with small file size and 100 best quality but increases file size
  • Click Configure and set Temporal Quality Ratio between (0.75 -1) 0.75 is optimal and 1 will slightly increase file size and quality

Video Compression 1

Video Compression 2


To create HD/SD like resolution and video frame size as per any common standard (Like youtube/facebook upload) Choose explicit type and follow the below table.

Term Resolution Lines Pixel Dimensions
SDTV 480i 480 640×480
EDTV 480p 480 852×480
HDTV 720p 720 1280×720
HDTV 1080i 1080 1920×1080
HDTV 1080p 1080 1920×1080


In  Options tab, Select FPS from 8-30. For longer landscape and building shots lower fps is preferred for more closer shots and movements within scene higher FPS is required. Increases time required for video exports as FPS value increases.

For clear and sharp image quality choose Anti-aliasing between (8x-64x). Increases time required for video exports as Anti-aliasing value increases.

Vinayak Hanchate M.Arch

Thinking Pencil Architecture Studio


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